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not a recipe

This is not a recipe.  It is a lazy redirect to another website that talks about eating less meat.  Many things, ok probably all the things, I have posted so far have had meat as an ingredient.  So this post is a pledge to vegetarians out there (maybe vegans, we’ll talk later) that I will start re-exploring vegetarian recipes.

I am making tomato sauce right now.  I brought home a large basket of tomatoes from the farm yesterday and I have a small batch going on the stove.  I plan on canning it, and saving the flavor of Jersey tomatoes for the dreary winter.  When I go the next round, I will take pictures and eventually post about it.

I made pizza tonight.  I didn’t take pictures, but it was good, so I will just tell you about it.  It took forever to happen.  I got home at 6 (thanks Labor Day Weekend traffic) and started the dough (I mentioned in a previous post that I use a quick dough recipe so it shouldn’t take that long).  Then I started the aforementioned sauce (obviously, so I could use some for the pizza).  Cut up veggies for the toppings and check the dough.  It’s quick rise, so it should only need 25 minutes.  It has been an hour.  Make a new dough with different yeast, wait for that to rise.  Finish pizza, bake it, it comes out at 8:30.  The quick meal ended up taking forever.

Anyway, here’s that link. Enjoy:


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